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joy - joystick device driver



      joy - joystick device driver


      To compile this driver into the kernel, place the following lines in your
      kernel configuration file:
            device joy
      Alternatively, to load the driver as a module at boot time, place the
      following line in loader.conf(5):
      In /boot/device.hints:"isa""0x201""isa""0x201"
      #include <sys/joystick.h>


      The joystick device driver allows applications to read the status of the
      PC joystick.
      This device may be opened by only one process at a time.
      The joystick status is read from a structure via a read() call.  The
      structure is defined in the header file as follows:
                    struct joystick {
                            int x;         /* x position */
                            int y;         /* y position */
                            int b1;        /* button 1 status */
                            int b2;        /* button 2 status */
      Positions are typically in the range 0-2000.
    One line perl example:
      perl -e ’open(JOY,"/dev/joy0")||die;while(1)
      {sysread(JOY,$x,16);@j=unpack("iiii",$x);print "@j\n";sleep(1);}’
    ioctl calls
      Several ioctl() calls are also available.  They take an argument of type
      int *
      JOY_SETTIMEOUT int *limit
                        Set the time limit (in microseconds) for reading the
                        joystick status.  Setting a value too small may prevent
                        to get correct values for the positions (which are then
                        set to -2147483648), however this can be useful if one
                        is only interested by the buttons status.
      JOY_GETTIMEOUT int *limit
                        Get the time limit (in microseconds) used for reading
                        the joystick status.
      JOY_SET_X_OFFSET int *offset
                        Set the value to be added to the X position when read‐
                        ing the joystick status.
      JOY_SET_Y_OFFSET int *offset
                        Set the value to be added to the Y position when read‐
                        ing the joystick status.
      JOY_GET_X_OFFSET int *offset
                        Get the value which is added to the X position when
                        reading the joystick status.
      JOY_GET_Y_OFFSET int *offset
                        Get the value which is added to the Y position when
                        reading the joystick status.
      The pinout of the DB-15 connector is as follow:
        1  XY1 (+5v)
        2  Switch 1
        3  X1 (potentiometer #1)
        4  Switch 1 (GND)
        5  Switch 2 (GND)
        6  Y1 (potentiometer #2)
        7  Switch 2
        8  N.C.
        9  XY2 (+5v)
       10  Switch 4
       11  X2 (potentiometer #3)
       12  Switch 3&4 (GND)
       13  Y2 (potentiometer #4)
       14  Switch 3
       15  N.C.
      Pots are normally 0-150k variable resistors (0-100k sometimes), and
      according to the IBM technical reference, the time is given by Time =
      24.2e-6s + 0.011e-6s * R/Ohms


      /dev/joy?  joystick device files


      The joy driver appeared in FreeBSD 2.0.5.


      Jean-Marc Zucconi 〈〉


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