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twe - 3ware 5000/6000/7000/8000 series PATA/SATA RAID adapter driver



      twe - 3ware 5000/6000/7000/8000 series PATA/SATA RAID adapter driver


      To compile this driver into the kernel, place the following lines in your
      kernel configuration file:
            device pci
            device twe
      Alternatively, to load the driver as a module at boot time, place the
      following line in loader.conf(5):


      The twe driver provides support for AMCC’s 3ware 5000/6000/7000/8000
      series PATA/SATA RAID adapters.  These adapters were formerly known as
      “3ware Escalade”.
      These devices support 2, 4, 8, or 12 ATA disk drives and provide RAID0
      (striping) and RAID1 (mirroring) functionality.


      The twe driver supports the following PATA/SATA RAID controllers:
            AMCC’s 3ware 5000 series
            AMCC’s 3ware 6000 series
            AMCC’s 3ware 7000-2
            AMCC’s 3ware 7006-2
            AMCC’s 3ware 7500-4LP
            AMCC’s 3ware 7500-8
            AMCC’s 3ware 7500-12
            AMCC’s 3ware 7506-4LP
            AMCC’s 3ware 7506-8
            AMCC’s 3ware 7506-12
            AMCC’s 3ware 8006-2LP
            AMCC’s 3ware 8500-4LP
            AMCC’s 3ware 8500-8
            AMCC’s 3ware 8500-12
            AMCC’s 3ware 8506-4LP
            AMCC’s 3ware 8506-8
            AMCC’s 3ware 8506-8MI
            AMCC’s 3ware 8506-12
            AMCC’s 3ware 8506-12MI


    Controller initialisation phase
      twe%d: microcontroller not ready
      The controller’s onboard CPU is not reporting that it is ready; this may
      be due to either a board or system failure.  Initialisation has failed.
      twe%d: no attention interrupt
      twe%d: can     t drain AEN queue
      twe%d: reset not reported
      twe%d: controller errors detected
      twe%d: can     t drain response queue
      twe%d: reset %d failed, trying again
      The controller is not responding correctly to the driver’s attempts to
      reset and initialise it.  This process is retried several times.
      twe%d: can     t initialise controller, giving up
      Several attempts to reset and initialise the controller have failed; ini‐
      tialisation has failed and the driver will not attach to this controller.
    Driver initialisation/shutdown phase
      twe%d: register window not available
      twe%d: can     t allocate register window
      twe%d: can     t allocate parent DMA tag
      twe%d: can     t allocate interrupt
      twe%d: can     t set up interrupt
      twe%d: can     t establish configuration hook
      A resource allocation error occurred while initialising the driver; ini‐
      tialisation has failed and the driver will not attach to this controller.
      twe%d: can     t detect attached units
      Fetching the list of attached units failed; initialisation has failed.
      twe%d: error fetching capacity for unit %d
      twe%d: error fetching state for unit %d
      twe%d: error fetching descriptor size for unit %d
      twe%d: error fetching descriptor for unit %d
      twe%d: device_add_child failed
      twe%d: bus_generic_attach returned %d
      Creation of the disk devices failed, either due to communication problems
      with the adapter or due to resource shortage; attachment of one or more
      units may have been aborted.
    Operational phase
      twe%d: command completed - %s
      A command was reported completed with a warning by the controller.  The
      warning may be one of:
      redundant/inconsequential request ignored
      failed to write zeroes to LBA 0
      failed to profile TwinStor zones
      twe%d: command failed - %s
      A command was reported as failed by the controller.  The failure message
      may be one of:
      aborted due to system command or reconfiguration
      access error
      access violation
      device failure
      controller error
      timed out
      invalid unit number
      unit not available
      undefined opcode
      request incompatible with unit
      invalid request
      firmware error, reset requested
      The command will be returned to the operating system after a fatal error.
      twe%d: command failed submission - controller wedged
      A command could not be delivered to the controller because the controller
      is unresponsive.
      twe%d: AEN: <%s>
      The controller has reported a change in status using an AEN (Asynchronous
      Event Notification).  The following AENs may be reported:
      queue empty
      soft reset
      degraded mirror
      controller error
      rebuild fail
      rebuild done
      incomplete unit
      initialisation done
      unclean shutdown detected
      drive timeout
      drive error
      rebuild started
      aen queue full
      AENs are also queued internally for use by management tools.
      twe%d: error polling for signalled AENs
      The controller has reported that one or more status messages are ready
      for the driver, but attempting to fetch one of these has returned an
      twe%d: AEN queue overflow, lost AEN <%s>
      A status message was retrieved from the controller, but there is no more
      room to queue it in the driver.  The message is lost (but will be printed
      to the console).
      twe%d: missing expected status bits %s
      twe%d: unexpected status bits %s
      A check of the controller’s status bits indicates an unexpected condi‐
      twe%d: host interrupt
      The controller has signalled a host interrupt.  This serves an unknown
      purpose and is ignored.
      twe%d: command interrupt
      The controller has signalled a command interrupt.  This is not used, and
      will be disabled.
      twe%d: controller reset in progress...
      The controller is being reset by the driver.  Typically this is done when
      the driver has determined that the controller is in an unrecoverable
      twe%d: can     t reset controller, giving up
      The driver has given up on resetting the controller.  No further I/O will
      be handled.
      controller reset done, %d commands restarted
      The controller was successfully reset, and outstanding commands were


      The twe driver and manual page were written by Michael Smith
      Extensive work done on the driver by Vinod Kashyap 〈〉
      and Paul Saab 〈〉.


      The controller cannot handle I/O transfers that are not aligned to a
      512-byte boundary.  In order to support raw device access from user-
      space, the driver will perform alignment fixup on non-aligned data.  This
      process is inefficient, and thus in order to obtain best performance
      user-space applications accessing the device should do so with aligned


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