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mld6query - send multicast listener query



      mld6query - send multicast listener query


      mld6query [-dr] intface [maddr]


      The mld6query utility sends an IPv6 multicast listener discovery (MLD)
      query packet toward the specified multicast address, maddr, toward inter‐
      face intface.  If you omit maddr, linklocal all nodes multicast
      address(ff02::1) is used.
      After sending a query, mld6query waits for replies for at most 10 sec‐
      onds.  If a reply is returned, mld6query prints it with its type and then
      waits for another reply.
      This program is provided only for debugging.  It is not necessary for
      normal use.
      With -d, mld6query will transmit MLD done packet instead of MLD query
      packet.  With -r, similarly, MLD report packet will be transmitted.  -dr
      options are for debugging purposes only.
      The program exits with 0 on success, non-zero on failures.


      The mld6query utility first appeared in WIDE/KAME IPv6 protocol stack


      The mld6query utility does not take care of multicast addresses which
      have non link-local scope.


Based on BSD UNIX
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