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VFS_CHECKEXP - check if a file system is exported to a client



      VFS_CHECKEXP - check if a file system is exported to a client


      #include <sys/param.h>
      #include <sys/mount.h>
      VFS_CHECKEXP(struct mount *mp, struct sockaddr *nam, int *exflagsp,
              struct ucred **credanonp);


      The VFS_CHECKEXP() macro is used by the NFS server to check if a mount
      point is exported to a client.
      The arguments it expects are:
      mp         The mount point to be checked.
      nam        An mbuf containing the network address of the client.
      exflagsp   Return parameter for the export flags for this client.
      credanonp  Return parameter for the anonymous credentials for this
      The VFS_CHECKEXP() macro should be called on a file system’s mount struc‐
      ture to determine if it is exported to a client whose address is con‐
      tained in nam.
      It is generally called before VFS_FHTOVP(9) to validate that a client has
      access to the file system.
      The file system should call vfs_export_lookup(9) with the address of an
      appropriate netexport structure and the address of the client, nam, to
      verify that the client can access this file system.
      The export flags and anonymous credentials specific to the client
      (returned by vfs_export_lookup(9)) will be returned in *exflagsp and
      VFS(9), VFS_FHTOVP(9), VFS_VPTOFH(9), vnode(9)


      This manual page was written by Alfred Perlstein.


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